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How to succeed in producing a failed advertising campaign?

How to succeed in producing a failed advertising campaign?

We saw a lot of commercials for several companies full of fatal mistakes, which show the lack of marketing thought and long-term strategic planning aimed at building a strong and preferred brand.
We are here not to offer tips for achieving a successful advertising campaign, but rather to provide helpful tips for those who do not believe in strategic marketing or the true building of brands to help them produce failed ads with excellence. Ads of the kind that do not achieve an investment return on the brand, and push people to underestimate your trademark, and stop taking it seriously as one of the feasible options.

  1. Don’t set a marketing objective for your advertising campaign.

    So, ignore what you want to get from your ad campaign. Do you want to get visitors to your site? Or make profits through commission marketing? Or do you only want to have a famous brand? All this does not concern you.

  2. Stay away from innovation in creating your ad campaign and don’t think outside the box.

    Marketing on the Internet is a science and art. There are standards and foundations on which e-marketing is based, so don’t appear your technical and creative aspect, in order to create a failed advertising campaign, you have to be traditional and do what others do, and do not go out of the ordinary in every step of creating your advertising campaigns. by that, you can achieve the best possible results.

  3. Totally ignore your brand strategy.

    You might have a branding strategy, so just ignore it. If you do not have a strategy, it is definitely better, do not commit to communicating your brand messages, nor focus on showing the properties and values ​​associated with your brand in your ads. Rather, focus on the creative side more than the strategic one. Think about how to make people laugh. Imagine, for example, that you are telling them a joke through a commercial, or that you would sing and dance them. Also, do not give any attention to the competitive position of your brand, there is no objection to address men despite the fact that your products are originally intended for women.

  4. Hit your visual identity display the wall and forget who you are!

    Certainly, your brand has a symbolic logo, and it also has colours, writing lines, a vibrant phonetic logo, and maybe a certain musical note. you should Forget it all! And your affairs will be fine, God willing. You should also not adhere to the usual “Tone of Voice” of your brand so that the recipient can’t distinguish it! And you can change the character of your brand. appear every day with a new character as a matter of change. In short “Forget who you are!”

  5. Ignore having a tracking and measurement tool for your ad campaigns.

    through the tracking tools you can measure everything specific to your campaign, and based on this measurement you can make decisions that make your failed campaigns successful or your successful campaigns more successful.

    The tracking tool provides you with a lot of information about your advertising campaigns. ignore that, and don’t bother to know how long the visitor spent on your site or your landing page, what are the keywords that achieved your sales, the number of visitors who left your site immediately after Visit it.

  6. Don’t choose the ads platform that matches your marketing goal.

    Choosing the inappropriate advertisement platform is one of the most important factors that control the failure of your advertising campaigns. For example, the results of an advertising campaign on Google AdWords differ completely from the results of a funded advertisement on Facebook.

  7. Make your ads complicated and fill it in with obscurity.

    Avoid producing easy-to-digest and simple ads. Always fill it in with obscurity. Make recipients find difficult to understand your ads. Let them watch the ad once, twice, three and four and analyze it so that they understand their idea and receive your message! To make this easier, avoid testing your ads on a sample of your target audience. Instead, directly post your ad. Don’t check too much.

  8. Ignore your audience’s culture and don’t take it into consideration.

    You are a large, developed marketer open to the cultures of the world, so let that be reflected in your ads. Don’t care about your audience’s languages, dialects and culture, but address them in the language you see and in the tone you prefer. Ignore their clothes, their fashion, their occasions, their customs, their heritage, their music and the rest of their culture, in a nutshell .. Focus on what you love!

  9. Clash with your audience’s ideas and focus on dialectics.

    Create ads for ideas that society is arguing about, and line up with one team against another. Say your controversial opinions in the ad, as if you were a political speaker or a social critic. And don’t care much about the prevailing social values and ideas of your audience, some of them are backward and backward. Always remember that you are the “intellectual” and the leader of the Enlightenment.

  10. Don’t write contact addresses.

    don’t show any contact address that connects people with your brand, no official website or your email, nor your phone number, nor accounts on social networks. By doing this, you will ensure that the person who sees your ads can’t easily reach you and benefit from your services, products or information. You will truly live in peace of mind, without any inconvenience.

Finally, after these 10 tips, I am very sure that you will achieve the ultimate failure of your advertising campaign that will not achieve an investment return on your brand.

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