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How is augmented reality going to enhance marketing experiences?

How is augmented reality going to enhance marketing experiences?

Augmented reality is rising exponentially, and is expected to generate annual sales of billions of dollars over the next decade. A study from Markets and Markets predicts that AR will expand to be a market of $117.4 billion by 2022. In fact, A Citi GPS study forecasts it will further boost AR’s billion-dollar annual sales to $692 billion by 2025. AR will boom and give organizations great opportunities to extend and improve marketing activities.

For many users, AR is easy to adopt, since virtual aspects are superimposed over familiar environments. Also, the tools already used by customers can be leveraged for easier adoption of marketing strategies on AR. Customers of smartphones, for example, are already familiar with how to use the device. Using an app that uses AR technology would be less daunting because the technology is integrated within the application.

Mobile has become one of the most important forms of media in which consumers communicate with brands and make decisions about purchases. When it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand awareness across mobile devices, AR offers you another weapon in your belt.

Let customers test before buying

AR test products

Potential clients always preferred to try out goods before buying them. The success of this selling technique is attested by the fitting rooms, beauty tests, vehicle test drives, and many other similar concepts. Increased shopping experiences are one of the upward developments in the retail market.

Using AR, prospective customers can model and trying on makeup, clothing pieces, and a wide range of home-related products without having to communicate directly with them. AR denies the need for a large physical inventory to enable customers to try on or sample dozens or even hundreds of items in search of one that best meets their requirements.

Create Your Own 3D Character

AR 3D character

Surprise the customers by enabling them to create their own AR experience. Consumers just need to paint their characters in their book and then scan to bring it to life in augmented reality. This is a pleasant and extraordinary experience to enhance your product package or media collection you use to support the sale of a product or service (such as catalogs and handouts). This also allows to take this experience with them and share it with others.

Creating a virtual guide is also a powerful way to increase brand awareness for your event or shop. It could be a cute 3D animal or a funny buddy who would keep engaging customers as they walk inside the store or event-hall. Avatars may also be used to provide more product details and improve the efficacy of a campaign.

Leverage augmented reality for B2B

AR B2B business

Augmented reality is ready to transform the experienced B2B customer/vendor in several ways. The B2B selling cycle has always been rife with the tug-of-war between the demands of consumers and the limits of what a company can actually offer. AR has the ability to greatly boost the selling cycle in the entire chain.

One of the most important fields in which AR can boost sales of B2B is creating dynamic sales presentation material. The old model used brochures and posters to prepare salespeople, and maybe a PowerPoint presentation. Contrast that with a sales force equipped with a digital interface this allows them to access personalized Augmented Reality apps that offer a 360-degree immersive look at their product line. It’s clear which sales team has the upper hand.

Enhance brand awareness

AR Brand Awareness

Each company in the market wants to improve its brand. Brand awareness is what makes businesses produce more lead for their goods. If customers can’t recognize your brand, they can’t become potential customers. Augmented Reality is an important tool in this digital era to raise brand recognition through its AR applications, with these consumers being emotional to the company.


With AR, the digital marketing age is improving day by day. Several businesses in their sector continue to implement AR innovations to increase their revenue and boost the experience of the customers. As you can see above how incorporating Augmented Reality into marketing can bring many benefits to your marketing, business and you can also enjoy the fruits of your investment.

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