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How can Snapchat help small business grow?

How can Snapchat help small business grow?

Starting your small business is perhaps the first step towards creating the future empire. It all depends, though, on how you do the market. With the ever-growing rivalry in the business world, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors to succeed. It means that you need to be very keen on every opportunity to help you sail your company to the next point. One such important point is to make sure you understand the growing developments in technology and embrace the new technologies like Snapchat.

Not so many people, particularly business entrepreneurs, took it seriously at the time of its launch a couple of years ago because it merely featured instant messaging and taking selfies that are inclined to adolescence. However, over the last few years, everywhere, including companies, Snapchat has become the talk of the day.

Snapchat is the social media site to watch out for at the moment. This is particularly attributed to the worldwide insane population using the app, over 150million!

This site shares trillions of videos and stories, and as an entrepreneur, this will mean something for your company-a billion opportunities!

Snapchat’s days being used solely for sending pictures between friends are over.

That platform for social media has evolved. Your business can not afford to ignore the impact that this marketing channel could have on your business.

If you concentrate on Generation Z as your target audience, it’s an absolute necessity. That’s because 71 percent of Gen Z uses Snapchat in their everyday routines. However, 51 percent of this population uses Snapchat about 11 times a day.

Although Snapchat is known for its success among teenagers, its market growth is beginning to reach young adults as well as older generations.


Why Do You Use Snapchat for Business?

  1. Up your engagement with geofilters
  2. Increase your social media presence.
  3. Build brand awareness.
  4. Share important updates and exclusive content.
  5. Share coupons and hold contests.
  6. Increase your audience by using Snapchat Ads.

we’ll also show you the top ways to use Snapchat for your business and how to make your account more attractive:


Post your story regularly

Once you have built a Snapchat account, you must ensure it is working. The best way to do that is by adding content continually to your story.

After 24 hours, everything that you share on Snapchat will vanish. Posting content will also keep your image fresh in your followers’ minds.

Don’t just sail overboard. It’s not successful to post 20 times in a single day.

That’s how you’ll get people to miss your messages. Depending on how many people a person is following on Snapchat, they’ll have plenty of stories to see every day.

But that doesn’t mean that they can watch every single post as a whole.

According to an Analytics study, engagement drops by 36 percent once users reach the fourth snap in a story.

And what does that mean to you?

I would recommend updating your Snapchat story about three times a day, every four to five hours, based on those numbers.

It will help to keep your engagement high and prevent your followers from missing your material.



Let social influencers take your snapchat account of it

Another great way of gaining more followers and through interaction is through social proof.

Celebrities and other influencers on social media are now getting a strong following. Using that to help.

When you allow someone else to take over your Snapchat account, you will be able to show the brand to a much wider audience. Many of those people might not even know the presence of your organization until they saw an influencer speak about it.

To do this, you may need to pay the influencer, unless you have some other mutual agreement or common interest in whatever you promote.


Promote your Snapchat account across different marketing channels

To be effective with your Snapchat strategy, you need followers. Instead of trying to get followers out of the air, seek to reach people on other sites following your business accounts.

This is really important to you, particularly when you’ve just created your company’s Snapchat account. No one knows that you have an account unless you tell them.

You will advertise it on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. This advertising can also be included in your YouTube videos.

Talk to your email subscribers to join you on Snapchat and sell your website as well.


Give discounts and special promo codes

Give some good use to your followers. Using Snapchat to give out discounts and other promotions.

This approach will also help drive your sales and boost conversions. KIND used this tactic to sell 15 percent off a purchase to its Snapchat followers. When posting on Snapchat, bear in mind your company’s ultimate target. Don’t get distracted by any of the other whistles and bells.

Do you want to sell?

Offering discounts is a smart way of getting this done.


Gives unique access.

Allowing your social media followers to step straight into your office and check stuff out is clearly unfair.

But you can give them the same exclusive feeling with Snapchat by supplying them with content behind the scenes. Show your followers what your office or manufacturing plant is like.

When you are at an event, take a few snaps of the backstage action.

This form of content will keep your fans entertained because it makes them feel like they are getting VIP treatment.


Answer the followers on your snapchat account

Your Snapchat strategy will concentrate mainly on adding content to your post. This isn’t the only way to communicate with your audience, however.

Followers will answer your post, as well as send you direct messages.

Anyone on other social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, will see if you ‘re talking to followers. But on Snapchat, it is only you and the person who sends the message who knows if you reply. Comments on Snapchat are thus accessible for companies to ignore.

But still, you should make an effort to reply to your followers. It will make the consumer feel unique to get a personal answer from a company. Ignoring their message shows them that you don’t know what they’re doing.


Snapchat is no longer new but has continued to expand since it was introduced nearly six years ago. The site had just 5 million daily users in 2013, but has risen to 100 million today, Hootsuite said. That number is expected to continue to rise, so join the fun and get your business involved!

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