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How can brand image be communicated via social media marketing?

How can brand image be communicated via social media marketing?

Marketing your brand via social media is not a new concept now. According to a study, we check our telephones about 150 times a day without any place limitation, meaning social media marketing is everywhere we use phones. Social networking definition doesn’t start with the beginning of Facebook, but it begins in 1971 when the first email was sent.

Technologies have been in use for marketing purposes since 1971 on a great many social media sites. Social media marketing is now becoming the biggest consumer influencer, as it is promoted on social media from needle to diamond. Thus any company with the help of social media marketing could be a big brand.

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, WhatsApp, and mobile marketing, social media marketing has established itself as the most powerful tool for reaching consumers. Marketers are a constant fight for customer interest to gain prominence and make their brand identity unreachable to the competitors.

Importance of Social Media in Marketing:

In today’s industry, social media marketing is the key resource for getting any product branded. Social media marketing also plays a vital role in the growth of the brands and the sectors within the existing business strategies. 90% of marketers say that social media marketing has increased their reach, according to Kari DePhillips, the owner of Content Factory.
A study from Texas University reveals that more loyal consumers can be found via social media marketing brands. At least two social media channels are used by around 91 per cent of retail brands. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram are major outlets for social media marketing and brand expansion. So importantly, social media can turn an ordinary product into an extraordinary brand.

Ways to Convey Your Brand Image Using Social Media

Choose the Right Networks

Despite new networking applications showing up every day, it may sound like you don’t do enough. The lure of jumping onto any platform is very high. It is prudent, though, to think carefully before rushing toward anyone. Find platforms that agree with your image of the brand.
If you’re a textile designer, for example, then Tumblr and Instagram could be your best choices. Through these sites, consumers are mainly teenagers and young adults who prefer to imitate fashion stores. So rather than launching a campaign on websites such as LinkedIn, start on those networks instead.

Use your Brand Logo & Name

Your brand logo acts as an emblem for your product. This imprints a long-lasting impression on the mind of your audience.
In addition to this, by having your logo transparent and visible, your users can easily differentiate between the post from your business and the post from other marketers. And do not forget to include your company logo and name if you share something on social media.
You should also include this in your brand marketing plan as, therefore, you can increase your brand awareness.

Benefits of using the logo and the name are:
  • Helps in promoting company products and services
  • Builds your brand image in the marketplace
  • Helps your customers in identifying your brand
Add Hashtags Related To Your Brand

Using a hashtag that relates directly to your brand or your company makes your posts instantly identifiable to your fans and followers.
Samsung uses the hashtag # SamsungTips any time they share information about their goods or helpful content related to it.

Add hashtags that make sense for your brand and expand them when appropriate.

Develop your marketing staff

Your marketing people can vary from different platforms. TikTok users are younger than those on Facebook. That’s the truth that if you’re using the same content in all networks, it may not resonate the same way. In the end, having several individuals is better for your marketing activities.

Start with the client base of the organization and then map it to the various social media networks you are using. For example, while your Instagram account targets small business owners, your Twitter account might target millennial parents. Getting these people formed per network lets you narrow down your ideas about content and maybe even change your speech.

Have Strong Communication with your Customers

Direct customer engagement will improve your presence in the online community. If there is continuous contact between you and your customers, you can subtly yet effectively express the picture of your brand.

A few hacks for doing so are replying to all the comments, answering their questions, and closely tracking all social media reviews regarding your company. You can also attach a live chat device to your social media. You’ll need to recruit a team that can respond to all customer inquiries instantly.

Ensure that your experts speak like human beings. Talk to your customers casually and respectfully. Do not let them feel like they’re talking to a computer. Use their first names instead, and do not hesitate to use humor where appropriate.

Promoting your brand using different methods on social media will help to create a distinct picture of your brand. Your online marketing plan can sometimes have loopholes. Through careful review, though, you can weed them out and revamp your image. All you need is a good digital marketing team that knows how to solve nearly every issue.

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