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Email Marketing Strategy To Earn Customer Loyalty

Email Marketing Strategy To Earn Customer Loyalty


Why do you need to build a mailing list?

Every day, Internet marketing techniques evolve, and different tools and platforms appear, differing in their function, but they are consistent with their goal, which is to reach the target customer in any way.

Despite the emergence of new tools and newer ways to reach and deal with that customer, email marketing – despite its relative age – is still at the forefront among the most successful ways to reach and deal with the target customer. There’s no denying the impact a well-crafted message can have on your customers. Email marketing is one of the powerful tools for preparing an engaged audience with your brand.

Building a mailing list, it is a direct method of marketing, and it is one of the most important businesses that the owners of activities and companies should be interested in online because it is merely the ideal way for visitors to leave their data and information to you before they leave your website. Most of the important sites and blogs run all their business through a mailing list or a set of mailing lists! And when you properly manage your advertising campaigns via a mailing list and use them, it will be the most effective marketing method.

Statistics say that every $ 1 a company spends on Email Marketing returns with $ 21 in revenue. And Many experts, such as Neil Patel, believe that you can achieve impressive results by e-mail marketing. Unfortunately, when email campaigns come up, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is buying a pile of emails from somewhere and doing spam campaigns, after getting unsatisfactory results, they say that Email marketing is useless! Let us Forget that and see how professionals work with Email Marketing:

First, define the primary goal of an email marketing campaign

You will not be able to walk unless you select the destination first. Before you begin, you must specify the purpose that will motivate you to take this path from the beginning. What is the goal of creating an email marketing campaign?

The purpose is determined based on the nature of the company’s business, For example:

The advertising company wants to increase the number of viewers of its ads, or see its videos on YouTube. The online store wants to achieve the highest percentage of sales, especially in seasons.

Second, Decide who to write?

You have to select the one who you write t. Select the Buyer Persona for your prospective customer. See-through his eyes, wear his shoes, think as he thinks, search for his needs, what are the most frustrations facing him, what are the challenges that hinder him. In this way, you will look like you are selling something to your brother or close friend. How successful will you achieve in this situation? You guess.

The owner of the online store knows that the decision to purchase is in the mother’s hand. Because she is the one who prepares the shopping list for everyone at home, so, his targeting will be on it. The language of the speech will start with “madam”, and the content of the statement will talk about who you are interested in, for example, “husband and children”.

Third, Build the mailing list and provide it with a premium content
Know and understand your audience well. What is the reason for the subscriber to give you his email or personal data that becomes a subscriber to your mailing list?

What is the thing that you can motivate him through, to do this procedure? This is the next step in your journey, and I think it’s relatively easy once you have identified the target customer Buyer Persona, as the information available to you is already sufficient to know who you’re addressing, and how you can attract it
If your target customer is a new mother about to give birth to her first child, she can definitely attract her with things like:

  • The shortest guide for a new mother to care for a baby in the first six months (if the site is a blog).
  • 50% discount on all baby products (if the website is an online store).
  • First free check-up (if the site is a medical clinic).

Fourth, Deal with them in a personalization manner.

Personalization can be as simple as adding a user’s name to a mail message’s address.

Statistics indicate that the email message that contains the user name in the address increases the likelihood of the message being opened by the user by 26% compared to the messages that do not refer to the user name directly.

So, personalization is an essential means of increasing the efficiency of email marketing campaigns because it makes messages more personalized and targeted to the audience, and more relevant to their needs and interests.

From customization in the title of the message to customization in content, and then offers that can be made, all of this will make your e-marketing strategy more effective.

Fifth, What’s the Best Day of the Week to Send Emails?

Yet, now, I’ll introduce you to some reliable studies that analyzed billions of emails to determine the best day of the week to send emails. Don’t take their word as gospel, but use their data as a starting point for your experiments.

The first study, conducted by Omnisend, discovered that the best day to send promotional emails, such as weekly newsletters, is Thursday, followed closely by Tuesday.

Omnisend also found that Monday and Saturday are the worst days to send promotional emails.
Also, GetResponse’s research agrees with Ominsend and showed that Tuesday is the best day to send out your newsletters if you’re aiming for a high open rates.

Finally, after this information, I can only say that this is not only a tool that allows continuous communication with potential clients and real customers, e-mail campaigns with a high return on investment are impressive and better compared to other marketing procedures if implemented in the best way.


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