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Bill Gates: Life will change forever after COVID-19. How businesses can adapt to these changes?

Bill Gates: Life will change forever after COVID-19. How businesses can adapt to these changes?

Bill Gates was recently interviewed by This is Working Broadcast From Microsoft’s social network, Linkedin, in which he talked about his expectations of the life in the coming months during the COVID-19 crisis, and the implications it will have for many years to come.

Bill Gates recently was interviewed by This is Working Broadcast From Microsoft's social network, Linkedin to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on business

During the interview, Bill Gates indicated that business would not return as they were before the spread of COVID-19, and he stressed that we would have to wait for some time until everything returns to normal, and some things will change forever.

Bill Gates explained that the United States would return to open partially in next June, in case everything goes well. Still, this return will not be completely natural, as people will not be able to participate in large gatherings or eat in restaurants. Again, things, like working in factories and construction and return to school, maybe possible.

Over 20 minutes, Gates answered LinkedIn members’ concerns about the possibility of a vaccine—the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has now spent for $100 million in therapy and research, and it’s financing factories that are producing seven vaccines (most of which Gates recognizes will not work)—and what the pandemic will have on our economy and our relationships.

Bill Gates believes that even if the government opens the way for gatherings and eating in restaurants, the decision of the people themselves will be somewhat delayed until they are entirely reassured, and “we can’t expect the demand side to reemerge overnight.”

He also believes that we need to reach a highly effective vaccine and produce vast quantities of it before life begins to return to normal, and this is expected to take approximately eighteen months.

Long-term changes due to COVID-19

COVID-19 Crisis

Bill Gates also pointed out that COVID-19 would force us to be entirely digitally transformed, just as Microsoft did with its conferences and shareholder meetings, and believes that a return to personal meetings is a long way off.

Some new software innovations are also expected to emerge and be applied to public life, such as virtual courtrooms. But what matters most to you if you are a business owner or a small business at the moment, how to adapt to the new situation?

How companies and projects adapting to COVID-19 Crisis


For example, if we assume that you run a restaurant and want to reduce the effects of the current circumstances on your business, the solution, in this case, is to have a strong delivery service, it is no longer an additional option that you can offer your customers or not, but rather a necessity that must exist in any restaurant these days.

And it’s not just about providing a delivery service. You also have to improve your website to match the new service and take advantage of different marketing channels to attract new customers, such as creating a YouTube channel that shares the way you cook your famous dishes.

Organizing digital events

It is not about just restaurants, but if you run a company that organizes events, you can also adapt to the new situation, by learning about the techniques that can be used to host events digitally, and experimenting with organizing some small events for free so that you acquire the skills to make money for organizing digital conferences later.


Against the context of the implementation of travel restrictions, UNWTO stresses the importance of international dialog and cooperation, and stresses the COVID-19 challenge as well as an opportunity to demonstrate how solidarity can go beyond borders.

Like no other socially impacting economic activity, the tourism sector focus on interaction among people. UNWTO has directed the response from the tourism sector on several levels:

* By working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), the lead UN agency for handling this outbreak.

* By ensuring that safety interventions are enforced in ways that reduce unnecessary effects on international travel and trade.

* By standing in solidarity with impacted countries.

* By emphasizing the demonstrated resilience of tourism and by standing ready to help recovery.

This is a set of simple ideas that can inspire you to adapt to the new situation, and whatever sector you work in, you are able to make some money, or even maintain and increase your existing customer base, to achieve money after things return to normal.

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